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  Topic: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 12.23.15 9:24 pm   Subject: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes
"Have you ever tried getting field space in Springdale? I know the new parks director there and could introduce you. His name is Bill Mock," - my next door neighbor
  Topic: WWJD

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 03.01.15 9:44 pm   Subject: WWJD
Michael, can the LS team still get in trouble for me posting this stuff?
I would guess the statute of limitations has expired on any of the posted pics, 'cause we're all ooooooooooooooold!

Don't ...
  Topic: Anyone want to help me with some work this weekend?

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 08.29.14 2:35 pm   Subject: Anyone want to help me with some work this weekend?
Saturday and maybe Sunday.
Furniture moving, general labor. $10/hr. Send me a text.
Casey K 479-430-3077
  Topic: Mind bending social experiment

Replies: 6
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 07.31.14 9:06 pm   Subject: Mind bending social experiment
  Topic: R.I.P. CaseyK

Replies: 1
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 06.26.14 9:51 am   Subject: R.I.P. CaseyK
  Topic: Hash run today (Sunday)

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 05.18.14 8:56 am   Subject: Hash run today (Sunday)
Hash run leaves Wilson Park castle at 4pm today. See info on FB:
Come join.
  Topic: Lost at Pickup

Replies: 8
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 04.25.14 1:41 pm   Subject: Lost at Pickup
A black "Smokehouse BBQ" T -shirt with the sleeves cut off.
Colin Walbe - you still have by black longsleeve underarmor shirt
  Topic: Arkansas 2014 Sectionals Champions!

Replies: 11
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 04.13.14 7:52 pm   Subject: Arkansas 2014 Sectionals Champions!
Guys looked really good in the finals. Mutants did not have a match up for Abe or Kaplan. With another 8 - 10 athletic and capable players, it's one of the deeper LS teams I've seen. Overall, offensiv ...
  Topic: The schedule link

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 02.20.14 5:35 pm   Subject: The schedule link

I'm tired of scrolling through threads trying to find this. Maybe you are too.
  Topic: T Town throw down

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sat, 01.25.14 6:26 pm   Subject: T Town throw down
Because I know you care just as much about winter league, I don't think we have to forfeit tomorrow
  Topic: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes

Replies: 966
Views: 432882

PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 01.20.14 5:39 pm   Subject: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes
"'Passion of Christ' is the only movie I have ever snuck in to," -Tulsa Clark
  Topic: Kaplan Face-slap, SMACKDOWN!

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 08.26.13 11:25 am   Subject: Kaplan Face-slap, SMACKDOWN!
"Don't give little kids a free pass or waste your peace of mind on a long term grudge. ilegalfaceslap is the #1 calendar app for avenging underage offenses. Simply input the offenders birthdate, ...
  Topic: Donations for ultimate in Morocco

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 08.23.13 6:46 pm   Subject: Donations for ultimate in Morocco
... and ultimate learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Morocco
  Topic: The return of the Brosh Hat tournament

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 08.23.13 1:58 pm   Subject: The return of the Brosh Hat tournament
Bump this. Because Annie and baby and I are coming and I want to party.
The signup posted is for youth league. Should I still sign up there?
  Topic: I'm gonna make you my bitch!

Replies: 24
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 07.17.13 8:18 am   Subject: I'm gonna make you my bitch!
So Evan, how are you liking art school?
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