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  Topic: Summer League Teams..League starts at 6:00 Tuesday, June 17

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 06.16.14 9:49 pm   Subject: Summer League Teams..League starts at 6:00 Tuesday, June 17
Summer League Predictions

7. Aric

This team is a bit of a mystery, but Jeff Rehm and Wax have enough pieces around them in the JBU team, led by the "Andy Dalton of FDA" Kyle Dyer, to b ...
  Topic: College Jerseys available

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 05.02.14 10:25 am   Subject: College Jerseys available
How much?
  Topic: JBUltimate 10th Anniversary Jerseys

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 09.24.13 12:28 pm   Subject: JBUltimate 10th Anniversary Jerseys
JBUltimate is celebrating its 10th year as a team with commemorative jerseys! If you'd like to order one, click the link and provide your info. We must have your info by 4pm CST on Wed (9/24). Jersey ...
  Topic: Why Red (Blood Donors) is so irritating.

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 07.03.13 12:59 pm   Subject: Re: Why Red (Blood Donors) is so irritating.
(Insert disclaimer about haters gonna hate)

So yeah I guess it's great that Lawson is doing what I tried to do in 2010 (and ironically, Lawson was one of the unknown ringers that I was hoping would ...
  Topic: 2013 LS Jersey Order Thread

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 07.01.13 5:34 pm   Subject: Design?
Do you have pictures of the design on the jerseys?
  Topic: SL13 Power Rankings

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 06.19.13 4:23 pm   Subject: SL13 Power Rankings
Saw Reds games, saw who they played, I think first week isn't enough time to judge yet

Also, take into account we didn't have Clay Mohr except for the last 3 points of the second game (due to a tor ...
  Topic: Summer League sign up is open

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 05.20.13 4:00 pm   Subject: Summer League sign up is open
I'd be interested in being a captain (or co-captain if anyone wants to team up).
  Topic: Fall League Schedule

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 09.24.12 3:10 pm   Subject: Fall League Schedule
Who's The Law? lol

Lawson Hembree
  Topic: Fall League Schedule

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 09.23.12 7:41 pm   Subject: Fall League Schedule
I have a suggestion. Since we have eight teams, we are currently playing a seven game round-robin and then one team twice. What if we cancel that eighth-round game and make it the first round of the p ...
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