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  Topic: Arkansas 2014 Sectionals Champions!

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 04.13.14 8:33 pm   Subject: Arkansas 2014 Sectionals Champions!
Hell yeah LS!!! Congratulations!
  Topic: Beer Mile Today!! at 2:00!

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 03.03.14 8:33 pm   Subject: Beer Mile Today!! at 2:00!
Damn, props to Bustin for puking this time and still shaving 8 seconds off his overall time.
  Topic: Tantra Chair

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sat, 02.22.14 11:47 am   Subject: Tantra Chair
Looks like fun. Can Stevie and I come over and try yours out before making our own purchase?
  Topic: Solstice report

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sat, 06.23.12 10:59 pm   Subject: Solstice report
What happened to Bustin?
  Topic: Might as well be about ultimate

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 07.21.11 2:02 pm   Subject: Might as well be about ultimate
No it looks like they have refs.
  Topic: ADA 2011 Open

Replies: 34
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 05.17.11 11:57 am   Subject: ADA 2011 Open
  Topic: Justin did not get stabbed in the neck in London

Replies: 7
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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 05.16.11 3:40 pm   Subject: Justin did not get stabbed in the neck in London
I did laugh at the thought of Justin writing something with tears in his eyes though.
  Topic: Pickup Tonight: 5/3/11

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 05.03.11 11:18 am   Subject: Pickup Tonight: 5/3/11
I will be there, Stevie probably too.
  Topic: Darkside in the news

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 04.18.11 12:44 pm   Subject: Darkside in the news

You can't read the full article online unless you have a subscription, but I saw this in the paper today ...
  Topic: Anybody out there need some money?

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 04.04.11 6:36 pm   Subject: Anybody out there need some money?
I think I fit all of those requirements. Cha-ching!
  Topic: Pick up 3/29

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 03.29.11 2:24 pm   Subject: Pick up 3/29
I would play.
  Topic: Pickup Tonight: 3/22/11

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 03.22.11 3:22 pm   Subject: Pickup Tonight: 3/22/11
I'll be out there at 6:30 too.
  Topic: We went to the wrong school

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 03.04.11 4:29 pm   Subject: We went to the wrong school
  Topic: tuesday night pickup

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 02.15.11 5:34 pm   Subject: tuesday night pickup
From CaseyK:

Fields at Gary Hampton are still to wet, so no pickup tonight please. Sorry.
  Topic: Mustain

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 02.02.11 5:51 pm   Subject: Mustain,0,1569167.story
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