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Norman results?   
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Joined: 10 Sep 2004
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PostPosted: Sun, 10.17.04 11:07 pm    Post subject: Norman results? Reply with quote

Nick or whoever,
How'd it go at OU? How did Colorado, Texas, KU, etc. look?
Luke Dockery
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Joined: 06 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 9:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had a blast in norman this weekend. I thought ls played very well. The most important thing though, is that the rooks got tons of pt, and learned alot. It was hard to tell how strong our competition was because alot of them split up into more than one team, like us, to get newbs pt. Texas is going to be good again this year, even though we beat the crud out of one of their teams. Ou will be strong, we lost to one team and beat another. KU also, will be stong. We beat them sunday morning 11-10, on ultimate point. Our final record was 5-2*.


*Our fifth win was a rosham victory by cbrosh.
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jon perry

Joined: 07 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

where are the complete scores, highlights, and player critiques?

Surely someone has some input.
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Joined: 06 Apr 2003
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Location: Carlsbad, CA

PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I guess i can give my opinion:

Brosh, Nick, Champagne, International Scott Brown, Thomas: Played well and improved overall, Nick had what he says is his first layout handpack (pretty scrumtralescent one too). Champagne had some very nice upwind forhand puts to Brosh and Nick.

I had pretty good hucks but also some poor huck decisions. Also had a layout D i was happy with.

Paco learned to cut a lot better as did Jean and Aki.

Man defense was generally pretty good with a bit too much getting beat to the force side.

Graze isn't too good this year unless their best players were playing for A now. OU split into 3 and had a lot of players showing good improvement (i think our full A can take em though)
Kansas, not sure if they sent many of their A players (Valley, jules, etc), lots of athleticism but throws not too great.
Colorado St.--very similar to us in play style (fatty like offense with propensity to huck)
Bumrush--won the B pool ha, but we slaughtered them

vs Bumrush 13-8 or 7 (first game of weekend is reason for their score)
vs OU X/Y/or Z i forget 13-8
vs Texas Z 13-4
vs Colorado St. 10-13 (loss)
vs Kansas 11-10 (took half 7-3)
vs OU Y/X/or Z (not the one from before) 6 or 7-13 (we were tired)
vs OU whatever one we didn't play before 2-1 rosham win

Overall i think once we put both teams together after going X/Y split for these first 3 tournaments, we'll have not only the numbers but the skills to give a lot of teams trouble if not horrible demoralizing defeats.

"Semper Fi, Do or Die OOHRAH GET SOME" -Casey Boy on Core Values Shot Night 2005
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Joined: 08 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 9:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ludi-sas: (jwills team)

north texas - 13, LS-3
OU - 13, LS-9
Colorado x- 13, LS - 10
K-state - 13, LS

overall, we REALLY need work on our fundamentals (throwing and catching) i believe that everyone took something from that day of playing within their personl relm of experience and...the experience

Tulsa(hungover) - 10, LS-13
Colorado Y-13, LS - 11

We went 1 and 5

(note: some socres are not correct, but an apporximation of what i remember)

on sunday, we had improved throwing and catching skills from the frist day, overall we were a better team, we just got tired quickly.

What i saw (sorry guys, i'm being frank, but i feel it is necessary, and i love you still):

Zarse:picked up the slack, played a good middle, usually cutting in the right place, needs to work on hucks
Corey: did a dang good job of keeping up the team moral (or tearing it down, one of the two) had some scrumtralescent "he'll never catch that" grabs, got too frustrated at times and let that bring down his playing abilities, needs to work on hucks.
Mark: most virsitle player, had some nice catches and hucks, but they still need work, needs to get better at decision making while holding the disc.
Big Abe: was a machine and never wanted to come off the field (sometimes a pro and sometimes a con) needs to work on throws and really needs to work on catches, and needs to work on making come to cuts at a slight angle
Blake:kept a general good vibe, was pretty stable as a handle, didn't make too many "big" plays (i consider this a good thing for the most part), and was very consistant, but should "throw like zarse (in practice)"
Zack: now officially dubbed "huck master zack", found his nitch of throwing the disc really far backhand, needs to continue to get a better general knowledge of the game, and get a forehand huck
Andy: i think he finally upped the bar in his ultimate abilities, there were many a times where he pulled down a disc i thought was a turn over for sure, getting good at his low release forehand, just needs to continue improving fundamentals, and if he wants to be dedicated let us know so we can make him faster via plyos
Chris R: as a rookie, played mostly wing or sideline, but did a good job at those two positions, being superman and all, just needs to develop his fundamentals more
king kharl: i hoped to depend on him more than he proved dependable, had some scrumtralescent grabs though, but dropped a lot of easy crap, throws were not on, number one item of improvement: get over yourslef, we need you but there is no "i" in team.
Michael: dependable (when he was on the field and not on the phone), needs to get more aggressive. i want you to be able to huck it deep(with a mark)by the spring, that is your goal.
Jwill: played very lazy D, made the same bad throw numerous times, NEEDS TO GET IN SHAPE, should have gotten the team water for sunday.

that being said, i want to thank all the guys for coming this weekend, and i regret not being a better captain, though i assure you (captain wise) i gave it my all. my number one goal was to have fun and give everyone experience and for everyone to learn something from those two days, i hope that goal was achieved.

sincerely, jwill
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Joined: 29 Oct 2003
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PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since we all have a tendency to be a little bit harder on ourselves than we should be, I will offer another perspective on Jwill's performance as captain. He played very well both days, and practically carried our team the whole way through (I mean that in a good way). Did a good job leading our team through some unpleasant moments, making sure we never got too down and were having fun when possible. Overall made good and objective decisions.

Highlight of the weekend:
Arkispeed playing Colorado State in a point containing no less than six layout D's in a row. Nick made a scrumtralescent layout handblock, and Brosh also had an awesome layout. Very fun to watch.

Does anyone know who ended up winning the tournament?
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Joined: 06 Apr 2003
Posts: 785
Location: Carlsbad, CA

PostPosted: Mon, 10.18.04 10:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From B.Paris

Congratulations to North Texas for winning the A bracket and Bumrush for winning the B bracket.

Other results include Tulsa getting 2nd place in the B bracket.
OU Z got second in the A bracket while two of the Texas teams got 3rd and 4th.

no clue what we ended up.

"Semper Fi, Do or Die OOHRAH GET SOME" -Casey Boy on Core Values Shot Night 2005
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Joined: 06 Apr 2003
Posts: 2946

PostPosted: Tue, 10.19.04 12:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quick PLayer Critique-
Ryan- Did well being a move experiance player, had a nice endzone to enzone upwind huck to brosh. Also had some poor throws, like the one to me in the kansas game on ultimate point.
Thomas- Really stepped it up and played like a vet i could depend on. I remember a nice grab in the endzone i didn't think he could catch. He did have some drops and throwaways that he needs to clean up.
Brosh- Quickly becoming THE workhorse of LS. Had a nice hoe d verse col st. as well as many nice deep bring downs. Also had some mental errors, and didn't show up on time sunday morning.
Scott- A good reliable handler, another guy who stepped it up and took on more of the role of vet. Had some nice puts and played d well against some primo studs. (veejay comes to mind) Also had a great attitude all weekend and kept team morale up. Bad stuff, had some bad throwaways and didn't show up on time sunday morning.
Champagne- cleaned up his game after having a bad start sat morning. had some very nice puts playing in the secondary.great morale all weekend, kept the team up. also failed to show up on time sunday morning.
Aki- Cuts got lots better, as well as his d and marks. Needs to work on catching and throwing under pressure.
Jean- had some nice deep catches saturday, needs to work on man D. Also didn't show up sunday.
Hess- Played his role as experianced handler quite well. was really usefull on upwinders. had a terrifice sky grab in socks, if i can remember correctly, as well as a hoe d. wish his sideline attitude was a bit more enthusiastic, also didn't show up on sunday.
Paco- great guy to put in the secondary, has alot of potential for playing wings and middles. had numerous deep rundowns and great catches. not bad for his first tourney. needs to work on cuting hard all the way through the disk, and perfecting man d.
Andrew- Also had a great first tournament. Had some nice scores as well as some nice bids on d. Needs to work on throws as well as man d, and cutting. Also played through some really bad blisters.
Nick- Thought i did a decent job captaining. Sometimes it took me out of my game concentration wise though. had some incredibly stupid mistakes. thought my mark improved greatly had a handfull of handpacks as well as my first layout hand pack. need to work on playing well and captaining well at the same time.

Overall I was incredible proud of my team. We knew what he had to do to win before every game, and did our best to carry them out. We never game up against colorodo st. Which i think was our best game of the weekend. We won the mind game after kansas game back from a 5 point deficit to tie the game 10-10. We played chilly o, and balls out D. and won the game. I was really dissapointed in the fact that we only had 6 on the line when our first game sunday was supposed to start. Partying is great, as long as it adds to, and doesn't detract from from playing ultimate, which is your true calling in life.
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jon perry

Joined: 07 Apr 2003
Posts: 398

PostPosted: Tue, 10.19.04 12:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

how the hell did North Texas win this tournament? Was this a college team or open? I saw on RSD that someone referred to North Texas as JNOR. Is it the team from Dallas?
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Joined: 06 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Tue, 10.19.04 4:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ya north texas had a few hang time guys on the team. Not a scrub team at all heard they might be playing college next season.
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