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Tulsa Hat & Summer League   
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PostPosted: Mon, 05.15.06 1:25 pm    Post subject: Tulsa Hat & Summer League Reply with quote

From Terrell

*There will be a Free Hat Tourneythat will henceforth be known as "Spring Fling" here in Tulsa next weekend on Sunday May 21st at 11:00AM out at Heller Park between Wheeling and Utica off 54th. This is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to meet other local players and introduce new recruits to the game.
Free means No fruit, No bagels, No water, No tee-shirts, No discs, No prota-johns, No lined fields, and No adult beverages so your free to bring your own. Bring a white and a dark shirt along with plenty of liquids! There will be grass with cones and some kick ass Ultimate!

*The Oklahoma High School Championships will be held in Tulsa Saturday June 3rd. All area college players are strongly encouraged to come recruit for their own programs. There are some hot players that haven't made a firm college choice yet and just need the proper incentive to get involved. If anyone knows how to get this tourney date and info to any of the OKC area HS teams please do so.

*Tulsa Summer League 2006 will start that next day on Sunday June 4th and run up to a League Championship on August 5th. To register for the Summer League Draft come out to Practice, HS League or to this Hat Tourney and sign up in person. League will cost $10 for the entire season and that will include a tee-shirt.
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