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Red, week 6 WL   
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PostPosted: Sun, 02.12.12 7:03 pm    Post subject: Red, week 6 WL Reply with quote

After accepting yellow's forfeit and a loss to white, Red advances to 9-3.
Recruit Adam makes his first (much-needed!) appearance today.

Against white, we typically experienced O/D matchups along these lines:

(CaseyK, Clayton, Levi) guarding/guarded by (Brosh, Kyle, Jeffy-bear)
(Jacob, Chuck, Adam) / (three of: Wayne, John Bailey, Brandon, Tim, #41*)
(Helen or Libby) / (Chelsea)

*Might be forgetting a name or two. #41 was sporting a Rawhide jersey... maybe supplemental??

White came out 3-0 against us, and took half 8-5. Then Clayton left Sad
So we tried to juggle their top three players (all quite tall, fast, and otherwise skilled... Jeff, why did you have to show up today, by the way?!??!), fatigue, and a gender mismatch. Red looked a little frustrated towards the end, but we kept our heads up. I think it was 15-10.

The game was a blast... maybe more for them (white), as each of their players seemed able to maximize their strengths/positions.

Red actually switched-up our typical roles, and that provided some good opportunities. Jacob played mid, and busted deep for a 35yd (?) score. Adam got some action as a handle, I played mid...

If memory serves, we forced a lot of turnovers, but also committed as many unforced turns. There were very few calls in the first half, and maybe 10 in the second half. I was somewhat disappointed that Wayne and I didn't really get into it (except for some pushing downfield). After the game, we brainstormed ways to make our competition more heated. I guess now would be a good time to start distributing his mom's phone number (for the few of you who don't already have it).

There was a lot of talk about "good decision-making" on the sidelines after the game, mostly between Jacob and a few of us who have expressed a desire to improve in this area.

All in all, I'd love to have a rematch (tie-breaker, if you will) against White in the tournament... though I fear we might be lacking players then too (CaseyK drafted 6 LS/college players, 5 of which weren't here this week; other players have scheduled conflicts during the tournament weekend...).

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